A lot of you know that I have been taking a number of classes in the last few years regarding communication and relationships.  I think it is the one thing that there is little emphasis on when we are educating our kids.   The modern day socializing seems radical for a girl that came from growing up with a party line. What I do love is the convenience of talking whenever and wherever.  Being tied to a phone strung across the floor so you could have some privacy in your room is long gone.  What does trouble me is that with texting and internet you miss the eyes and body language that go with communication. I so get a lot more out of a conversation when I have the whole body experience. However, I like to communicate and have adapted to the new styles pretty well. I am on pinterest and facebook but I have not tried twitter yet.  My 3 year old grandson flies through the iphone .  One day after I just got my phone I was talking to MYSELF about not figuring out how to do something and he comes over and showed me.  UGH…that was a weird experience. 🙂  Gotta run TTYL.


About pattycakemimi

I'm lovin' bein' a Mimi. I love to be outdoors whether is is working in the garden or playing with my dog or grandchildren. Cooking and health are also a passion of mine. My heart belongs to Jesus and I am learning to trust him more.

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