Last year I decided to try straw bale gardening.  Well it was a flop.  It didn’t help that the weather was not cooperative.  I thought I would give it another shot because I did not want to dig and I just like trying new things.  Success!  First the straw bales had weathered more and were ripe for planting.  I planted spinach, heirloom lettuces, radishes and herbs.  All organic.  The spring crop just grew by leaps and bounds.  I was sorry I didn’t have enough bales. I did try a 5in. pot of tomatoes just to see if the size would make a difference in my success rate.  It did.  So next year I will use 5in. pots and plant more tomatoes. This year I am going to get more bales and probably the very same selection of crops for spring.  

First you get your bales ahead of time and let them cure. Google it for complete instructions.  You can use a sheet or towel to cover the bales and pour in some dirt, at least that is what I did. Monitor your crops everyday. They dry out fast. I may wrap plastic around the sides this year to hold in some moisture. Anyway, give it a try.  It’s fun to try new things.


About pattycakemimi

I'm lovin' bein' a Mimi. I love to be outdoors whether is is working in the garden or playing with my dog or grandchildren. Cooking and health are also a passion of mine. My heart belongs to Jesus and I am learning to trust him more.

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