Seasons in life


 My favorite thing to do when a kid was to play house and school. Now since I had a brother and a neighborhood of boys and tomboys I had to adapt my favorites in order to play with everybody. Yes I played baseball until I got hit with the hardball. I played football some as well as bombardment. I HATED THAT GAME. I loved to be outside and loved animals, especially dogs!

Though raised in church I did not grasp the whole concept of Christianity until a friend shared one on one with me about the grace of God. Wow, did my life change. I soon got married, I had a boy and a girl and planned on working part-time while they were sent to a Christian school.  After a few years of schooling we decided to go with homeschooling, taking it a year at a time. It turned into a twelve year adventure. It was very challenging for me but I would do it all over again. There are so many resources available today when considering that option. If you are a hard worker and don’t hide your kids from the world and your husband has some participation in the process I say jump in; otherwise I would not encourage it.

I have gone from there to a foggy side I guess you could say. After spending the majority of my life in the home and for the home I kind of lost who I was and what I should be doing now.  One child went of to school a thousand miles from home and the other got married within two months and moved forty-five minutes away. I thought I was going to die! Though this is what I had in the plan..let the birdies fly it wasn’t exactly the way I thought it would go. So after years of struggling(menopause and personal) I was connected to a  church with wonderful counseling which has set me back up on my feet.

My life now is characterized with grandchildren, education in counseling, BLOGGING(which I never thought I would do) learning photography and selling some of my crafts on Etsy. I’ve learned lots about myself and life in the last few years and it has helped me be a more productive person. So when you have those times in your life where things are hard or things just don’t line up, call out to God, he will be faithful to direct you!  Life changes. We can fight it or we can embrace it and learn and grow.



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