Looking Forward


I always like this time of year because for me it is a time  to reflect on past accomplishments as well as failures and  to set new  goals.  No I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, seems pointless to me.   I must say after three very trying years this one is ending with a stronger, happier, healthier, wiser ME.  THANK GOD.

I hope to become more skilled at photography and am going to try my hand at painting; watercolor in particular.  My craft room is pretty much finished for now. I love having a girlie room to escape to, very sunny, very cheerful room.

Hoping to get back to one of my favorite spots on this earth in May, Navarre.  It is a small little town away from the heavy traveled Destin area in Florida.  There’s just nothing like a beachside condo listening to the seagulls and the waves as you go to sleep and wake up.

Looking to resolve some more inner conflict with the help of a wonderful counselor God has brought my way and thankful for a new friend I have met.  Our friendship developed over time from a common passion…home-education and stay at home moms. She is a blessing!!!

It has snowed here FINALLY but since I can’t stand the cold anymore one snow will do…I am ready for tulips!

Happy New Year everyone.  Be safe.


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