My yard is filled with noise this week.  The Carolina Wren in the Oak tree, the House Wren in the brush and checking out my house I have hung in the Birch tree, the Purple Finch in my Boston fern, the Robin’s nest in the neighbor’s gutter, the Catbirds with their meowing right before bedtime, the Mockingbirds, the Nuthatch with his “yank yank” sounds, the woodpeckers both Downey and Red-headed, and of course the Sparrows, Cardinals, and Bluejays. Throw in the bunny friend I’ve made in the last few days that is gorging himself on my lawn(which is filled with goodies of every kind because I do not spray), and it makes it hard for Puppy and me to peel ourselves away from the activity and blue skies with white fluffy clouds.

Greens for breakfast, lunch and dinner today for one of my sides as the doctor suggested and washing it down with a new kombucha flavor…Celestial Seasonings meyer lemon ginger YUM!!! Retiring with a new yoga dvd and waking up to a fresh page of life to color as I wish tomorrow.

More like photograph but you know what i mean 🙂


My yard is filled with noise this week. 


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