Weekend with Mimi


FINALLY got to spend some time with Mimi’s oldest last weekend…the one that says “Mimi, I want to stay 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 days with you.  Why the number twelve I don’t know.  He counts much farther than twelve but for him I guess that sounds like a long time.  I ran out of energy with this chronic fatigue that I have and we got in 4 of those days anyway.

One of our new experiences was to go to the library.  He thought that was great that we could check out books and not pay for them.  I couldn’t remember how many we could check out and at the time had about ten.  She said actually we could check out 200.  Of course out of his mouth came, “Let’s go check out 200 Mimi.” We came home with nineteen because that is all we could carry.  Signed him up for the reading program while we were there so he could get a free book over the summer. Had some bbq at home and read about half those books before he took a nap.

Had some of my homemade maple vanilla kefir and some whipped cream and fresh fruits while he was here. Usually have homemade yogurt ice cream but thought I’d show him what happens to the cream when you whip it up.  Also likes to lick beaters anyway.

Went to church with us on Sunday and he had a great time learning about how God made the world and some fun time with the other kiddos.

After much rain and clouds it turned out to be a beautiful weekend and I can’t wait to have him back!!!



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