City Market Goodies


One of my many favorite things to look forward to after winter are our city markets.
I am tryin’ a couple of new ones at the present.  One is an all organic market and another has a few vendors with pesticide free produce and organic. Always lookin’ for the freshest quality ingredients I can find.  My mission was to bring back some more Goliath tomatoes which have been the best I have had so far. Since it was snowing still in May here( which I never remember it doing) the tomatoes are a little late. I also scored with some delightful beets, corn, mint and pattypan squash. I am going to use some of the mint in ice cream after steeping it and the squash came home with more understanding on bees and their importance.  Of course there was a lady selling some flowers that could be used to replace the pansies since they are getting to hot now. Twas’ a lovely day!Image


A begonia to replace the pansies


I asked the man why my squash had blooms but not fruit.  He explained to me the bee has to travel from the female to male areas and in the case of the pattypan, I guess because of their location, sometimes one is missed.


One of the newest members to my gardenImage

My other new member to the garden


A sneaky visitor while shootingImage

Dainty little things that have been hiding under the foliageImage

I love to watch these day by day unfold their beauty.


Quietly waiting for attention


An every changing greeting at the front entrance


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