Essential Oils



In the last year I have added to my healthy lifestyle by incorporating oils into my life.  I chose Young Living because they are the only ones that have a Seed to Seal guarantee on their oils and they are 100% oil. I began diffusing and replacing my candles and had not considered using them really for anything else at the time.  As I learned about how they can help maintain a healthy body I became more interested.  The quality is amazing! This company is passionate about producing a quality product. In the next few months I am going to focus on living a healthy life and how it is important to include the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical sides of us not leaving one out.  That makes for a well rounded person.


I am amazed at the ability oils have.  When diffusing or smelling the oils they reach the brain in 20 seconds.  I have a very emotional personality so I use them a lot for calming and sleeping.


Here is some ideas for use in a diffuser.  Some oils can be applied to the skin or taken internally.  Right now I am focusing on a diffuser because it is the most gentle way to introduce oils to a person who has never used them before.


Young Living is running a special until the end of the month for some of their starter kits.  There is a choice of three diffusers.  If you are not a member they are giving you $10.00 off a starter kit.  This is where I began my journey.  I got a diffuser (at the time to replace my candles) and a 11 oils, sample packs, Ningxia ( a fantastic drink that I take daily for energy) and sample bottles to carry some of the oils with you or share with others.The price is reduced from what it would cost you if you bought everything separately.  Please contact me if you are interested in joining this fantastic company.  I have just come back from convention and they have released many new products from when I first joined.  One in particular is a dinosaur diffuser that I bought for my grandsons.  So cute!


Cheers to a happy, healthy year !


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