FAll is in the air


As much as I love fall I hate to see summer leave.  I love to be outdoors and the winter months just plague me.  Yes I could bundle up and endure but just haven’t spent the money to get those things I would need to feel more comfortable in the Midwest.  That’s goin’ to have to change.  I also hate all the cooties that fly around.  It seems once kids get in school and the holidays come around somebody is always sick around me.  I am prepared this year for that since I have come across some fantastic oils in the last year.  I love the Thieves line for helping me to maintain a strong immunity against such things.  I try to drink more water and it helps for me to put one of the Young Living citrus oils in there to give it a healthy boost. I have been drinking one of their supplements called NINGXIA.  It has really been a benefit to me for energy and to think a bit more clearly.  It is a high antioxidant drink. I have a few diffusers that I use daily and try to maintain a 80/20 diet of healthy foods.I am afraid I am not so disciplined to hold to a 100% healthy lifestyle.  Plus I have to have my health to KEEP UP WITH THREE GRANDSONS!!!!!  Leavin’ some info. below about some of the products I have been using in the last year. Please contact me for questions you might have in joining me as a member with Young Living or any questions about how I have radically changed my lifestyle to promote a healthier ME.ningxia  310668987_735904526493569_3403702028415967100_othieves4407850170_b3c209f68e_n


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