The Gift of Health


There are a lot of things to ask for or hope for during this time of year.  Peace on earth always comes to the front, health and happiness follow close behind.  I have found as I get older that things have lost their glitter for me and connections with people are more valuable.  Yes like most Americans I would like to be more comfortable but sometime there is never and end to how much  comfort is enough.  There  is always more to get.

I would love to travel more, spend more time with my grandchildren, donate more time or financial help to animal shelters and shelters for battered women or those caught in human trafficking.

This is also a time of year when for some of us it has turned from a joyous time of year to a stressful time or darkness due to loss of relationships or just change in general.

I like to evaluate my days more frequently now since I had a mile marker birthday this year.  Time is fleeting.  I want to condense my time into a capsule rather than a glass of water.

Do you make resolution or plans on how to start the new year?  I always do. It helps me with goals and growth.  My health has been on the top of the list after struggling with some areas that have caused me to slow down a bit.  This year I am going to add focusing on guarding my heart because it takes time to recover from an injured heart.

I hope to post every week next year at least once a month for sure.   I started using essential oils last year and they have been a big help for me with my emotions and my immunity.  I will share some of my recipes and experience in the weeks to follow.

I will leave ya a pic of one of my favorites…..Liberty and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happier healthier New Year!




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