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I'm lovin' bein' a Mimi. I love to be outdoors whether is is working in the garden or playing with my dog or grandchildren. Cooking and health are also a passion of mine. My heart belongs to Jesus and I am learning to trust him more.

Catching Up


For starters I’ll begin with my youngest grandchild. Last time I was on here was about six months ago. Oh my goodness! How time flies. This princess is one now and my tiny house is full with four of these littles at once here.

I waited over ten years to get my hands on this little girl after three grandsons. She is the only thumb sucker. She is almost walking and learning she doesn’t have to have mommy around all the time. 

Hope to get back to weekly postings. Summers almost gone and that brings me inside more. 

Have a great weekend. 

Talk soon!


The Pansies


All of these products will be used before the day is over for sore muscles from raking, moving around and spreading heavy mulch bags, trimming butterfly bushes, digging to plant pansies and basically getting my yard ready for spring when WINTER decides to let go 🌸Nontoxic 


Raises my frequencies


Trip to Cali 


This was only the third time I’ve flown on a plane… and I have never been to California 😳

My daughter and I went to a Young Living Essential Oil Beauty School and had a great experience.

Leaving wintery Missouri and stepping into a land of green and flowers 🌺 was amazing.

Flying into L.A. at night was wild. So many lights so many people.

I’m living in the wrong part of town. 😃

A beach should be my front yard always and forever 🏖🏝

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Inner Child


I love this oil… it helps to balance my emotions and makes me feel good.  The main reason I use oils is for my emotions or to support my immunity.

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Convention 2016


   Having SO much fun in Salt Lake City !

Young Living Convention is in Salr Lake and the mountains still have a bit of snow on them.This is only the second time I have been in an airplane. Still amazed about the sites you can see from above. This little lady has come a long ways in the last few years. I’ve gone from a stay at home mom and home educator to running my own business at 60.

One never knows how life is going to go for sure with all the twists and turns. It’s exciting and I am not one that likes to sit and watch the world go by.

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