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Craft room


Ok.  Been a bit sidetracked the last month buying items for my craft room.  My son moved out and I’ve turned his room  into a girlie fun room!  No I did not shabby chic these pieces.  I bought them.  I am going to try  it on some sconces though that I found at the thrift store CHEAP and see how they come out.  Still have curtains, pillow;  think I will make the cover since I am having problems finding the right blue, some more art work and maybe some glass door knobs.  What is my favorite thing?  My chandelier!!!
I have also started rug hooking. Starting with a very small pattern that I may use for the cover of a pillow.  Christmas is also swarming over my head with ideas, thanks to Pinterest.  I have bought some small bare houses to turn into snow houses.  Something I can keep up through the holidays.  I love snow!

Anyway, wanted to catch you up on what I have been doin’.  Happy Thanksgiving friends !