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Catching Up


For starters I’ll begin with my youngest grandchild. Last time I was on here was about six months ago. Oh my goodness! How time flies. This princess is one now and my tiny house is full with four of these littles at once here.

I waited over ten years to get my hands on this little girl after three grandsons. She is the only thumb sucker. She is almost walking and learning she doesn’t have to have mommy around all the time. 

Hope to get back to weekly postings. Summers almost gone and that brings me inside more. 

Have a great weekend. 

Talk soon!


The Pansies


All of these products will be used before the day is over for sore muscles from raking, moving around and spreading heavy mulch bags, trimming butterfly bushes, digging to plant pansies and basically getting my yard ready for spring when WINTER decides to let go 🌸Nontoxic 


Raises my frequencies


Trip to Cali 


This was only the third time I’ve flown on a plane… and I have never been to California 😳

My daughter and I went to a Young Living Essential Oil Beauty School and had a great experience.

Leaving wintery Missouri and stepping into a land of green and flowers 🌺 was amazing.

Flying into L.A. at night was wild. So many lights so many people.

I’m living in the wrong part of town. 😃

A beach should be my front yard always and forever 🏖🏝

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Open Your Eyes and SEE


I swear this is a female bug with PMS

See that pointed finger!?!? 😆

Puppy is playin I SPY

Do ya see it ?

Beautiful Queen Anne’s Lace in the morn …

No it wasn’t a boring game WE WON but I couldn’t help but watch the ever changing sunset that evening…

About to become a plain ol’ thistle unless you open your eyes and see the BEAUTY …sigh

Kansas City


When you grow up in the same place all your life you forget some of the highlights of your area.  I grew up in a small suburb in a town that had no McDonalds at the time that I thought was a crime!  I can remember when there was very little west of town except for a little ice cream place where you had to lift the window to get your order, a Mugs Up stand where you could get a creamy cold root beer and a hill at a college where we would go sledding.

The town has grown and everything has changed but there remains one area of town that architecturally has not changed and that is the Plaza, in Kansas City.  A beautiful place to shop, dine or just walk any season.  Don’t miss it if you ever come to town.



Surprise…’s another boy!



One of the most exciting things to happen in the last year was the fact that I have been blessed with another grandchild!  They decided to have a baby reveal party which was exciting for all…..although some were looking for a pink balloon to come out.  As you see I now have three grandsons.  I describe them as follows: the loud one, the wild one and the quiet one.  The oldest (loud one)  was watching the balloons come out and could have cared less about what color.  He was trying to keep them from going up into the air! Who just lets balloons fly into the air on purpose was his thinking.  I believe he did manage to hang onto one. 🙂  I’ve learned a lot from my own kids now I have three more to keep me on my toes.  My job is to remain teachable the rest of my life and not get stuck in the same ol’ same ol.’  I don’t know that I would ever be interested in moving into a retirement home but maybe someday I will change my mind. I have always enjoyed spending a good amount of my time with the younger crowd because life is new and exciting to them and that energizes me.

Tennis Anyone?


My mamma is too busy

watchin’ the cardinal and the robin

take a bath in the dew up on our hill

and the blackbird scooping up a cicada in his bill.

If tennis is not your game

i love walking just the same.

After mamma sips her tea

and eats her sourdough bread

maybe she will remember that i haven’t been fed.

Until then i will chew on this thing like gum

and wish my mamma wasn’t such a BUM!



City Market Goodies


One of my many favorite things to look forward to after winter are our city markets.
I am tryin’ a couple of new ones at the present.  One is an all organic market and another has a few vendors with pesticide free produce and organic. Always lookin’ for the freshest quality ingredients I can find.  My mission was to bring back some more Goliath tomatoes which have been the best I have had so far. Since it was snowing still in May here( which I never remember it doing) the tomatoes are a little late. I also scored with some delightful beets, corn, mint and pattypan squash. I am going to use some of the mint in ice cream after steeping it and the squash came home with more understanding on bees and their importance.  Of course there was a lady selling some flowers that could be used to replace the pansies since they are getting to hot now. Twas’ a lovely day!Image


A begonia to replace the pansies


I asked the man why my squash had blooms but not fruit.  He explained to me the bee has to travel from the female to male areas and in the case of the pattypan, I guess because of their location, sometimes one is missed.


One of the newest members to my gardenImage

My other new member to the garden


A sneaky visitor while shootingImage

Dainty little things that have been hiding under the foliageImage

I love to watch these day by day unfold their beauty.


Quietly waiting for attention


An every changing greeting at the front entrance