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Dessert for Breakfast 


Potato scramble -Yukon gold, pastured bacon, beet tops and zucchini 

With Dandelion tea sweetened with sucanat 

Sweet potato pie 



Kansas City


When you grow up in the same place all your life you forget some of the highlights of your area.  I grew up in a small suburb in a town that had no McDonalds at the time that I thought was a crime!  I can remember when there was very little west of town except for a little ice cream place where you had to lift the window to get your order, a Mugs Up stand where you could get a creamy cold root beer and a hill at a college where we would go sledding.

The town has grown and everything has changed but there remains one area of town that architecturally has not changed and that is the Plaza, in Kansas City.  A beautiful place to shop, dine or just walk any season.  Don’t miss it if you ever come to town.