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Bone Broth 


One of my favorite things to make in the insta pot‼

So nutritious and Tasty😀


New Year Greetings


How many of you love the cold weather?   I am not a fan but I do tolerate it if there is snow.  On a cold streak right now in Missouri and a bit of snow and ice.  As long as I don’t have to be on a busy highway I love to drive in it.  Everything is so bright at night and you can hear a pin drop.  My house is warmer with a bit of snow on the roof and it just refreshes the dull winter time for me.

This time of year tea is my choice of drink.  All kinds.  Sometimes I just drink warm water with a drop of YL Lemon and some stevia.  It’s delicious and doesn’t charge up my blood sugar and the lemon especially in the morning gets the liver ready for the day. Couple of gluten free ginger cookies on the side.


I crave sunshine, warm beaches and cutting the grass this time of year.  Yes I LOVE to cut grass.  The sunshine and smell invigorate me.  I seem to be drawn to anything with citrus or refreshing food during the cold months.  Like yesterday I went out to eat somewhere I don’t usually go to, little pricey, but it is restaurant week here and I felt drawn to this restaurant.  Maybe something seafoodie ( like the beach ), refreshing salad, you know.  So I got a lobster tamale for the appetizer, beautiful salad with beets and goat cheese and walnuts… pretzel crusted trout and creme brulee.  UM YUM!  Hit the spot.  The only thing missing was the beach.


Been running my diffuser with all kinds of good smells from Young Living.  Yesterday I had Spearmint and Grapefruit in it.  Today I may do a bit of work on pulling some tax info. together.  It is that time of the year.  The Nitro helps me wake up ( not like caffeine… just a normal feeling wake up), Clarity I put in the diffuser and Highest Potential I put on my wrist or the back of my neck.  If you have never tried quality essential oils you don’t know what you are missing.  I use them for my everyday life now and so glad I have them.12106819_908316859253167_1835602441872177522_n

I have been using fermented food for a while.  Kefir, yogurt and kombucha but hadn’t really incorporated a fermented veggie or at least one that I really like.  They are so good for the digestion.  At my age it is a bit compromised from too many wrong choices over the years and I am trying to treat my gut with more respect these days.  I love this product.  If you like sauerkraut you will like it.  All the fermented foods acquires a time of adjustment but over time I now eat them daily.  10447632_933694843382035_4888381761668592540_n

Going to a party this week where we will be making bath bombs.  This is a beautiful heart filled with rose petals and epsom salt and YL Joy oil.  The smell and feel is divine. Great  DIY Valentine’s Day gift.


Please let me know if I could send you a sample of some of the Young Living oil… I’ve got a house full that I would love to share !12115527_903543316397188_600123877710695416_n







The Gift of Health


There are a lot of things to ask for or hope for during this time of year.  Peace on earth always comes to the front, health and happiness follow close behind.  I have found as I get older that things have lost their glitter for me and connections with people are more valuable.  Yes like most Americans I would like to be more comfortable but sometime there is never and end to how much  comfort is enough.  There  is always more to get.

I would love to travel more, spend more time with my grandchildren, donate more time or financial help to animal shelters and shelters for battered women or those caught in human trafficking.

This is also a time of year when for some of us it has turned from a joyous time of year to a stressful time or darkness due to loss of relationships or just change in general.

I like to evaluate my days more frequently now since I had a mile marker birthday this year.  Time is fleeting.  I want to condense my time into a capsule rather than a glass of water.

Do you make resolution or plans on how to start the new year?  I always do. It helps me with goals and growth.  My health has been on the top of the list after struggling with some areas that have caused me to slow down a bit.  This year I am going to add focusing on guarding my heart because it takes time to recover from an injured heart.

I hope to post every week next year at least once a month for sure.   I started using essential oils last year and they have been a big help for me with my emotions and my immunity.  I will share some of my recipes and experience in the weeks to follow.

I will leave ya a pic of one of my favorites…..Liberty and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happier healthier New Year!